Diagnosing Glaucoma

Retinal Tomography

A circular “cut” around the optic nerve head is used to measure the thickness of the nerve fiber layer in this area. The thickness of the nerve fiber layer can provide information about the number of existing nerve fibers and any loss. The loss of nerve fibers can result in visual impairments.

Printout of HRT results

An examination with the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) generates a three-dimensional image of the optic nerve head (location where the optic nerve exits the eyeball and goes to the brain) and the surrounding retina. These images provide information about the structure and condition of the optic nerve head. Pathological changes can be detected early and documented reliably.

Regularly performed HRT examinations are useful for analysing the progression of advancing damage to the optic nerve head and the surrounding retina. Glaucoma treatment can be adapted to the progression of the disease. Today, an HRT examination is regarded worldwide as the standard for diagnosing glaucoma, since glaucoma becomes noticeable very early through a change in the optic nerve head.

The examination does not require the administration of drugs and is painless.

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